What Does a Document Reviewer Usually Do?


The document reviewer are prepared legal experts who look at reports pertinent to pending litigation and administrative examinations. They are most often attorneys, paralegals or litigation bolster faculty.

Regularly, they look at many records, for example, notices, letters, messages, PowerPoint introductions, spreadsheets, and other e-documents, to decide if the data ought to be gone over to a contradicting party in light of a disclosure demand.

Because of advances in technology most documents are residing in computer databases in electronic structure. With the appearance of e-disclosure, electronic information is currently subject to discovery, growing the extent of the document reviewer’s job.

Duties and Responsibilities

Customarily, report commentators played out a page-by-page audit and investigation of the customer’s paper archives to decide whether it ought to be created to contradicting parties. In this time of e-disclosure, report survey is typically performed by electronic methods.

The archives are coded and stacked into a suit database and the dataset is winnowed to limit the quantity of records, which may number in the millions, down to a reasonable subset of applicable reports to be inspected. Different obligations incorporate the accompanying:

  • Examine records for the accompanying four components: pertinence, responsiveness, benefit, and secrecy 
  • Summarize, tab, feature, diagram, and gather certain reports or data gathered from the archives as 
  • Create benefit and redaction logs 

Ongoing case law has set critical potential individual risk on lawyers for neglecting to deliver records receptive to a revelation demand. In this manner, the report analyst’s activity is basic to the disclosure procedure.

Delivering reports that ought to have been avoided from creation could demolish the customer’s case or hopelessly harm the customer’s a matter of fact. 

Work Environment

They regularly sit in an austere room or workspace before a PC screen. Since many record survey activities are present moment, contract and temporary work are basic in this field.

They have been censured as monotonous, personality desensitizing, sweatshop work with minimal possibility for headway, low renown, an absence of unfaltering work, disgrace and a work climate where breaks are constrained and speed is checked.