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Web Hosting : FatCow Hosting Review


Several agencies come and go in the website hosting industry because of the tough competition. To survive, web hosts need to compete on a greater level. One of those web hosting provides that maintains its amazing performance is FatCow. FatCow has maintained its good reputation since 1998, and knows how to separate itself from the rest of the competition.

FatCow provides a web hosting plan called MiniMoo. This plan is suitable for those who are just laying the foundations of their own website. It is highly reliable, and stable. It attracts not only bloggers, but also experienced website owners. MiniMoo is also very affordable.

FatCow hosting reviews in Malaysia

Do you think FatCow web hosting is the right one for you? There are plenty of FatCow hosting reviews in Malaysia you can read, to check if its features can help you achieve your goals. You can also research by reading industry-related forums. 

FatCow provides web hosting plans that only cost $66 each year, with unlimited storage space and bandwidth. It also comes with reliable tools in order to help you create your web pages. This also allow you to integrate shopping carts, and MySQL databases. Just in case you realize that their services is not for you, you don’t need to worry, since there is a 30-day moneyback guarantee in all of their plans.

MiniMoo plan

The MiniMoo plan only costs $5 each year. This plan is perfect for those who are just starting out in the online world, and doesn’t need the complete function of web hosting. With this plan, you can have email accounts, along with an email forwarding function. A new feature is coming out under this, and it notifies people that a specific website is under construction. 


FatCow hosting also comes with an app that is very useful for web developers. With the InstallCentral app, you can create websites which are easy to personalize and at the same time interactive. It comes with discussion boards, galleries and more. 

Another amazing thing about FatCow is that they are highly reliable, and provides superb security. Their support team can attend to the needs of clients 24 hours a day, and creates backups every single day. FatCow also has a power generator, and gets network monitoring done regularly.

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