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How Modern Web Development Came to Be?

Are you enjoying your time online? If so, have you ever wondered how the Internet came to be? Surely, you’re enjoying your time on different social media platforms and you’re also using Google as your main search engine of choice.

But, amidst all of the noise and the choices that are available to you, did you ever stop to wonder how this all came to be?

Well, it all started in 1980 when a Physicist by the name of Tim Berners-Lee created a pretty simple hypertext program. It was called ENQUIRE and it is just a personal database where he inputs the names of people and software models as well.

Tim was pretty good when it came to this and he was later given a task to come up with a way to share documents from within their domain easily.

And so, he did! In 1990, Lee was able to create the Cube which is also known as the NeXT Computer. What the computer did was, it was able to expand on Lee’s former ideas and it created the very first version of HTML.

Modern Web DevelopmentHTML’s goal was simple. It was created for the sole purpose of making data, connecting documents, and sharing it to other people in the domain.

For this to work, he also created the HTTP along with the very first web browser, and he called the very first hosting server as the “WorldWideWeb”.

Although, I have to state that Berners-Lee was not the one who made the internet, per se, but he made the foundation of web application development that paved the way to the internet that we know today.

The Early Days

The early days of the world wide web were purely text-based. Think of this like reading a book about Biology. It was uninteresting, uninspiring, but hey, it was able to provide information that wouldn’t have been gotten otherwise.

Then, after a few years since its inception, different developers were able to incorporate graphical elements on a website.

For those of you who do not know, Berners-Lee actually derived HTML from the then popular SGML or Standard Generalized Mark-up Language. It is just a method wherein text is marked up for us in structural units such as headlines, paragraphs, etc.

That would seem to be the case in its simplest form, but Berners-Lee thought, “why not make use of this wrapped up text to include links that, when clicked, will take you somewhere else?” He also wanted to use it first on an Encyclopedia for easier perusal, but has since transitioned for use in the world wide web.

The Modern Web

Modern Web DevelopmentToday, the modern web is in constant flux. In a few years, modern technologies are incorporated to good effect. In fact, you might have noticed some implementations of AI at work.

Take for instance any streaming service. The machine tries to learn your habits based on the movies or content that you frequently stream and it will give you suggestions based on that.

Furthermore, there are new web technologies that are supported by the different internet browsers that are available today.

With better programming languages and newer technologies being implemented in the future, the world wide web will have a bright future.

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