Important Things that you Don’t Do When Blogging


How to make a blog in Malaysia?

A few different ways to work better than other people, however, there simply is certifiably not an ideal manual. All successful bloggers do share things practically speaking and the majority of the focuses you read above tail them. If you’re curious about how to create more traffic to your blog, at that point look at my super guide to gaining more blog traffic.

There are certainly things that you ought not to do when blogging. This will not help your blog be more successful.


It’s an obvious fact that you should never copy or steal content from other site and post it in your blog as if it’s your own. You should do your own and unique content and must have respect for every blogger who worked hard. You are not making an interesting content and your blog will not be able to succeed.

Stealing Photos

A major mistake is stealing photos from Google. Thinking that they can easily wander and save ii and post it to your blog. The majority of the pictures on there are open area so use them however much you might want.

Be Stingy

It’s an intense thing to adjust, yet you ought to consistently attempt to share however much learning as could reasonably be expected on your blog. Offer nearly everything and make individuals pay for the excellent stuff. Finding your clan or composing incredible content. Those things are subjects that merit their own books.

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