How to Play Poker in a Casino


A Short Guide to a Casino Poker Game

Have you ever experienced playing poker inside a casino? I know, it sounds very intimidating—very different to that casual play time at home or online through togel online. You don’t need to worry, though. It’s not that different. Here is a quick guide.

1. You need to get on that list.

What is the very first thing you need to do? List for a specific game with the poker manager or host, or simply sign up on the queue. There is a board or video monitor in each poker room, taking note of every game and the awaiting players.

Not sure what to do or where to go? You can simply ask any casino employee, and they would surely point you to the correct direction.

Once you are already at the right area, inquire which games have seats, or which ones are “open.” There would be list for various games, including Hold’em.

It’s crucial for you to know the betting amounts for each one, also whether or not there is a limit.

Is this your first outing? If yes, it’s best to stick to the tables with the lowest limits.

Make sure to give the poker host your initials. Let him know which lists you would like to join.

2. Purchase your chips.

Are you waiting for initials to be mentioned? While waiting, get some chips first. The professionals at the cage will know what types of chips you will need for your game.

Ask the poker host about the minimum buy-in, and get that specific amount. If you think you need more chips, you will be able to purchase more at the table. On some occasions, chip runners can also buy chips for you.

3. It’s time to play!


Once you hear your initials, inform the poker host if you want that seat. You can tell him “lock it up.” Afterwards, he will point you to specific table and seat.

If the poker dealer asks you if you want to post, this means that you need to put in the big blind, and get dealt into the next hand right away. I highly recommend saying no this, and just wait until the big blind comes to you to begin playing.

It really takes some time to get used to these things. If you are a newbie, observe everyone and their actions.

4. Understand the rules. Maintain good manners while playing poker.

When playing poker inside a casino, you need follow some rules. Here are some poker etiquette rules that you should know.

  • Do not use your phone while on the poker table, some casinos don’t allow this
  • No string bets are allowed; say “raise” when you are planning on raising
  • When you fold, make sure that it is obvious, and push all your cards towards the poker dealer
  • You cannot bet more than you have on the table in chips at the time
  • Make sure to tip—waitresses and poker dealers make a living through this

5. Make sure to take breaks. Know when to call it a night.

Do you need to take a phone call, restroom break or drink something? You can walk away from the poker table whenever you want. It’s okay to take breaks and to stand up. What if you miss your blinds? Well, you can return a token and just a post a blind to re-join. Another option is to just wait until the big blind comes to you again.

If it’s time for you to head home, tell the poker dealer to deal you out.

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