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Differences Between Website Developers and Website Designers


You might have noticed there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding the job duties of a website developer and a website designer. If you are considering being a web developer, it may be challenging to know where to start. Web designers and developers can easily get mixed up. Both of them contribute to building websites but involve themselves in very diverse areas.


Web designer

A web designer is a graphic artist who designs and stylises web items. Website designers are able to harness their innovative energies to develop the overall interface to search websites. Web designers must always start with pondering the goals of a client’s website before proceeding to an Information Architecture (IA). This sets up the information order of a website and acts as a guide to the design process. Web designers can then start to invent wireframes and finally proceed to the design stage. Web designers may use a variety of simple design concepts to create an esthetically appealing interface that often offers outstanding user functionality.

Design principles


For web designers, it is essential to build a well-adjusted layout. In the world of web designing, we refer to strong (large and dark colors) and medium (smaller and lighter colours) features. To achieve a sensible website design, it is critical to use the accurate proportion of each.


In color theory, complementary colors are those put on the color wheel opposite one another. Web design provides a lot of other places where comparison can apply. To describe and bring focus to other parts of the website, designers look for contrasting proportions, textures and forms.


We focused a little on this while discussing contrast. Focus is a concept philosophy focused on the deliberate “highlighting” of certain essential elements in the website’s architecture. It is necessary to remember that if you highlight anything on the website, you end up emphasizing nothing. Imagine a paragraph in a book that shows 80 percent of the text in yellow – does anything ever stick out?


Consistency is also defined as continuity or pattern, which is a basic web design concept. For instance, clear and reliable navigation gives the website users the highest user experience.


Unity is the connection between the different components of the website architecture and the structure as a whole. Unity, focused on the Gestalt principle, is concerned with how the human brain organizes knowledge physically by sorting items into groups.

Web developer

A web developer is defined as someone who designs web software and features. Having a web developer who learns any programming language is uncommon; typically, web developers only work on a few languages. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other similar programming languages are some of the things that are commonly used by web developers in order to bring the design files to life.

Web developers, also named programmers, take the template they have developed and produce a website that functions entirely. Try thinking of the concept as a non-interactive website “photo” to put it very clearly. Developers are taking the concept and splitting it up into parts. Then, they use either only HTML or a more complex solution using programming languages such as PHP to create the website’s various sections. Using picture and text sliders, active links and buttons, and other interactive features, web developers may turn a static interface into a dynamic website.

The blurry lines around the words ‘web design’ and ‘web creation’ sometimes even confuse small and medium-sized businesses searching for a website or a re-design of a current website. While there are people who can do so, several businesses have committed designers who build the architecture of the website, and then turn over the design files to a programmer who completes the creation process. This article hopes to clear the widespread misunderstanding that architecture and creation are related.

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