Shelyn Ooi Personal Blog


Hello people! My name is Shelyn Ooi but some of my friends prefer to call me Shell. I’m the famous Malaysian blogger based in Kuala Lumpur, who mainly blog about food, recipes and cooking. I was born in Pahang but raised in a lovely fast-paced town named Puchong in Selangor.

I started this blog/website in the mid of November 2011 to share with you my passion for cooking through my little adventures in the kitchen. I find cooking is relaxing, and that’s why I love talking to my friends and family about food and sharing recipes.

Moreover,I love to share new discoveries with my friends, hence the day of I’m trying a new recipes. I believe that cooking is for everybody. It might take time but it is an adventure, trust me! Despite of having a full time job, nothing give me much enjoy than writing and sharing my passion with all my readers. I mainly blog about foods and beauty, and occasionally recipes too.

I’m enjoying my blogging life as I’ve came to know a lot of nice and amazing people including bloggers, public relations and of course the readers! I will continue to work on my blog and hope to make it even better, and I thank you for all of your support!

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