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8 Things Companies Need to Teach their Social Media Marketers


Have your company just invested in social networks marketing? When you don’t have a big budget, you might be getting newbies or those with the lowest rates. You eventually have to train them first for them to be effective in their jobs. To help you get started, here are a few things you should include in your training session:

1.Give them a clear idea of your goals.

When your marketers know what needs to get done, it will be easier for them to know what they need to do in the first place. The goals and objectives of your company will give them an idea where they are going. Teach them to remember these goals for every move they make on social media.

2.Be consistent with your brand’s voice.

As a company, it’s important that you practice consistency regardless of the platform you choose to take part in. How are you going to do that when you have several marketers? Use a style guide. This will serve as everyone’s reference to keep the voice consistent on all platforms.

3.Give your marketers the freedom to work on their own.

When your employees feel that you trust them, they will give their efforts and that means you can expect better results. Once your marketer has finished the training, let him/her do the work without you micromanaging them all the time.

4.Assess your new employees.

Reviewing your new social media marketers is your chance to see if they are doing their job right. It allows you to see if they have committed any mistake. You can take certain actions to correct them so your marketers will do better next time.

5.Work together as a team.

Even if you have several marketers working for different platforms, it helps if you encourage them to coordinate with each other. The ones with more knowledge in social media marketing can share some tips to the new ones.

6.Show the importance of being active and consistent in social media.

Did you just take part in a social activity then suddenly became quiet for a while? This is a bad practice. Make sure that you practice consistency when you decided to be active on a particular platform.

7.Teach them to respond in all queries.

In social media, you will always get likes and good comments. Sometimes, people will turn to social media if they experience inconvenience from you. It is easy to ignore when you receive a negative feedback. But instead of just ignoring it, use it as an opportunity to ask what you can do to make the service better. Even if you receive a bad feedback, teach your employees to answer politely all the time.

8.Know the trends in your industry.

Knowing the social landscape and having an idea of the latest trends give you an idea what to include in your posts. Change is constant so you definitely have to teach them how to keep up with the changing times.

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