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7 Best Ways to Prevent Surgery Infections


7 Helpful Ways to Prevent Post-Plastic Surgery Infections

One of your main goals after any types of cosmetic surgery is to prevent infection. Having an infection will definitely slow down the recovery process, and it will make you feel lousy. Moreover, it can be the root of much serious complications.

You don’t need to worry, though. There are a lot of things you can do to avoid this. Below are helpful tips you can follow to recover from a procedure without any infection.

1. Stop smoking.

Distance yourself from cigarettes, as much possible. Smokers are more prone to infection while recovering from a plastic surgery. Not only that, they can experience more scarring, and therefore can heal more slowly. Consequently, the slower their incision closes, the longer the risk of infection in that particular area.

2. Don’t forget to wash your hands once in a while.

Hand washing can definitely fight possible infections. Wash your hands frequently and properly with an antibacterial soap. Hand sanitizer is an acceptable alternative if your hands do not appear very dirty.

3. Wash your hands first before touching your wound.

Wound care in itself can be a meticulous task. Make sure to wash and dry your hands first before doing touching your incisions.

4. Make sure to keep your wound clean and dry.

To prevent any infection, it is crucial to keep your wound clean and dry at all times. Ask your surgeon if you can wash it with a mild antibacterial soap. You need to dry it completely before covering it again with a clean bandage.

Should you cover your incision again with a bandage? Ask for your surgeon’s recommendation.

5. Take your antibiotics, as prescribed by your physician.

Taking antibiotics is one of the most important steps against infection. Follow all of your physician’s advice when it comes to taking antibiotics. In some cases, patients are tempted to stop their intake, but finishing the entire prescription is important in infection prevention.

6. Always carry an antibacterial hand cleanser with you.

As mentioned earlier, a hand sanitizer is a good alternative to washing your hands. As you know, everything you touch in public can be a potential source of infection. Having a sanitizer inside your bag can help you protect yourself from all the germs around.

7. Don’t put random ointments on your wound without doctor’s advice.

At times, patients are tempted to use lotions and ointments on their incisions, even without their doctor’s recommendation. This is not a good idea, since several products can add moisture on your skin and incision. This can encourage the growth of germs, and cause irritation.

Important final reminder!

If you want a fast and smooth recovery after a plastic surgery, make sure to follow all of your doctor’s instructions. These tips will keep you away from infection and slow healing time. Of course, you would want to return to your usual activities in a short period of time!

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