6 Website Design Tips that Will Have Your Audience Licking Their Screens
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6 Website Design Tips that Will Have Your Audience Licking Their Screens


Website Design Tips That Will Attract Your Audience

Do you want to improve your website’s online presence? Well, you must maintain a visually appealing and informative website. You need to capture the attention of your readers and customers.

Remember, web design can make or break a good impression. Below are 6 web design techniques that you should remember in having the best custom website design.

1. Use the most appropriate colors, based on your target market.

Research important information about your target market. What colors will work best for them? Choosing two main colors to represent your own brand is a good start. These predominant shades would be easy to recognize and remember.

2. Tell your brand’s story with enticing images.

6 Website Design Tips that Will Have Your Audience Licking Their ScreensThere are thousands upon thousands of images to choose from, but finding good photos for your brand is still a huge pain. Once you end up with the right ones, it will be worth the time and effort.

All internet users can easily process images, so captivating and attractive ones can surely trigger curiosity and buzz.

3. Order your information hierarchically.

Visual hierarchy can help your visitors navigate around your web pages, and absorb each piece of information in the order you prefer.

Here is a simple guide:

  • The most significant details? Make it bolder, bigger and brighter. It needs to have some breathing room as well. In case you don’t know, white space can invite more eyeballs.
  • The next-most-crucial details? Make it less bold, smaller and not very bright.

Visual hierarchy simply means giving web information an order of importance. As users move down the visual hierarchy’s ladder, they would find details with less visual weight.

4. Think about your target market.

Design your website with your target audience in mind. What are their age group? What is the predominant gender? How about educational level? Understand your target market, and know what type of content and elements they would respond to.

5. Speak their language with typography.

Break away from the traditional Times New Roman and Verdana fonts. It’s time to choose a more personalized typography for your brand. Fonts may appear simple and basic, but it can highly impact your website. Typefaces have personalities—choose one that will best represent your business. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t have a hard time. You would have lots of fun customizing typefaces! There are many efficient commercial offerings that can serve unique fonts to websites. Google Font API can even do it, free of charge.

6. Use a style guide.

After using good typography, color, images and visual hierarchy to your web pages, now it’s time to sustain everything. You should be able to maintain this good routine.

6 Website Design Tips that Will Have Your Audience Licking Their ScreensWhy not create a simple style guide? Here is a simple guide:

  • Open a word document. List down all of your official colors.
  • List down your typefaces.
  • Note all of your photography sources.
  • Continue to add design notes and elements to this word document.

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