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6 Web Design Trends That Will Make a Huge Impact in 2018


Website design has come a long way and with new trends being introduced on an annual basis, designers as well as website design agencies should learn how to include them on either their own or their client’s websites.

There are new and exciting trends in recent years and today, I am going to talk about some that will make a huge impact in 2018.


Virtual Reality headsets have been introduced a couple of years ago and they are slowly on the rise because more and more content is being produced to support the platform.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow manage to include some VR elements into your website? That is actually possible now with the introduction of the WebVR platform.

Essentially, web developers can incorporate WebVR into their design. You can add interactive elements and people can utilize them by using a VR headset.

However, keep in mind that virtual reality is still relatively new. When you’re going to include some of it in your design, make sure that the user will not have to download huge files in order to enjoy the VR content, as this will surely make them shy away from your site.

If you could juggle between keeping the files relatively short but the content the same as you have envisioned, then that would be the best.

Sustainable and Inclusive Design

More and more people are consuming digital content and because of that, the world’s energy consumption has been steadily increasing over the years. As much as possible, we want to make things sustainable so as to not abuse our natural resources.

When you design a website, make it a point that people will not have to jump on hurdles just to get what they want. If you could do it in two to three clicks or taps, then do so. This is so that your website will be somewhat “sustainable” in the sense that your users will not have to waste a lot of time and resources to navigate your web page.

On the other hand, you also have to think about all of your users. Some people might have accessibility problems in that they might have a hard time just tapping on your menus or something.

Make it a point to have your site elements accessible for all people.

The Rise of Voice User Interfaces

With the advancements in technology comes the rise of the voice interfaces. Siri and Alexa are both perfect examples of this. By just using one’s voice, they can command both these interfaces to do some stuff for them like giving them certain product information, knowing more about the current weather and so on.

Now, if you want to implement such a feature, you have to conduct some research first. For instance, what are some common commands that people usually tell a voice interface? You could pool 100 people and ask them about their common queries when using such technology.

Real Innovation When It Comes to the Homepage

The homepage was basically where people can look at your website and see what you have to offer. But, with innovation comes change and new advancements make a dull and boring homepage a thing of the past.

Users are more aware now and they want an interface that is more interactive than ever. Because of this, you have to think more clearly and see things from a different viewpoint. Your website should become modern in that they should come with features that a person would like in this day and age.

Storytelling Increases Sales

Think of your customers as part of a story and your products are something that can help them progress through the story.

This creative way of selling something is one that many successful companies are slowly adopting in their marketing efforts.

The reason why this is successful is because it increases user engagement and when people are more engaged, they are more willing to become your customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Although chatbots and machine learning aren’t that new at all, the use of artificial intelligence into web design is something that developers and designers alike should watch out for.

AI is slowly being developed for other industries and once it is safe to include in your website, you have to do so to make it more dynamic and user-friendly.

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