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5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail


There are so many mobile apps out there today. In fact, there are 3.3 million apps on the Google Play Store in the early 2018 and more than 100,000 apps get released every month. However, only a tiny portion of those apps get commercial success.

Why is that so? Well, I am going to cite some reasons as to why some applications fail. If you’re a mobile app developers, be sure to avoid these mistakes.

Not Paying Attention to the User Experience

Most people download a lot of apps only to have them uninstalled a few minutes after. That is because these apps do not meet the demands of the people.

Some report that the user experience is just not that great. The application might be crashing too much, some of them might take too much time to load, and some of them are just generally unusable.

Not paying close attention to the user experience is one of the biggest mistakes an app developer can make. Be sure to test the app first to see how it looks and to see if everything is working properly before releasing it into the market.

Not Enough Marketing

If you’re opening up a new business, like a bakery or something, what do you do to increase your sales? Well, you resort to marketing your business, probably by giving print ads or even announcing it on social media.

Marketing your app is also just as important as creating a business. When you do not employ effective marketing strategies, how would people know of your app?

Those popular apps that you see on the App stores did not get popular by luck- companies made sure that everyone knows about it and it just so happens that people like what they offer.

Do not forget to use marketing strategies to help people know about your application.

Not Following Guidelines

Both Apple and Google have created stringent guidelines for app developers to follow. Sadly, there are still a number of people who do not know how to follow the rules.

When you’re creating your own app, make it a point to create one that is unique and that follows what is stipulated in the guidelines so that you will not have any problems.

Not Testing the App Thoroughly

Developers are people as well. Therefore, they commit mistakes from time to time. There are some applications that will have bugs and experience crashes during the development process.

It is very important to put the app through a rigorous testing phase to ensure that most of the quirks have been fixed before releasing it into the store.

Negative and Poor Reviews

People nowadays have become so keen that they can spot a bad app from the good ones. How do they do this? By reading user reviews.

You see, every app that is uploaded into the App store will have a page and in that page, users can provide their reviews about the application.

If your app happens to have a lot of negative and poor reviews, it is going to suffer. People are not going to install it and some people who have installed it might just uninstall it a few moments after.

You have to give them a quality product, so be sure to create something of value.


There are plenty of apps out there that just fail due to a number of reasons. It is your job, as a developer, to make sure that you do not commit these mistakes so that you can enjoy success down the road.

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