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10 Best Web Design Trends


A website that is well-designed has a user-friendly and minimalist design. However, you are welcome to play around it from time to time, in order to make it trendier and fresher, you can get it from web design services in Malaysia. Below are 10 amazing trends you should apply to your web design strategy this coming 2019.

1.Dynamic Gradients

Flat will still be the chosen style in 2019. This is the reason why gradients are not being utilized in 3D effects, just like in those old Apple icons. They are bold backgrounds that complement the surrounding text. In most instances, two colors are better than one.

2.Drop Shadows and Depth

Implementing drop shadows is an amazing way to add character and depth to your website. Soft-edged shadows on your written content can help separate it from the backdrop, though, it is always important to proceed with caution. Remember, subtlety is the key to an effective execution.

Hard-edged shadows, on the other hand, gives a retro, playful vibe to you website layout. If you want your website to look amazing this 2019, explore long drop shadows and flat designs.

3.Geometric Shapes

2019 is the perfect time to get geometric. We’ve already seen the rise of retro shapes use, like triangles and lightning bolts. If applied well, a nostalgic and warm effect can be created.

4.Grid Layouts

2019 is all about broken, asymmetric layouts. If you want to try something that is out of the ordinary, this is the best time to do so. Some of the websites are very adventurous that they challenge accepted layouts through “Brutalism.” Brutalism is a form of website architecture, that breaks the mold. This approach makes the website effective and eye-catching.

5.Color Schemes

This 2019, there should be a clever use of colors. If you are designing a new website this upcoming year, remember that black, metallics and pastels are part of the trend, with the first two being great neutrals.

6.Particle Backgrounds

Particle backdrops allows you to have a soft animation playing on your web page, without further distraction. They appear simple, yet can add a little more personality in your digital space.

7.Bold Typography

2019 is the year of exploring and experimenting with different typefaces. We all know that videos and large images don’t work well on mobile phones and small devices, so captivating typography is highly recommended.

8.Mobile First

It’s no secret that more and more people are now browsing the internet through their mobile devices. That only means that you should put extra effort on making your website mobile friendly and responsive. This 2019—think mobile first. You need to create the best experience for your readers and customers. Don’t be scared of losing all the high-resolution images. All modern users expect effective icons and hamburger menus—they are sure to interact well with them.

9.Customized Illustrations

If you want to grab the attention of your potential readers and customers, hire an experienced graphic designer to create customized illustrations for your web pages. This will add uniqueness and character to your website.

10.Integrated Animation

Videos can slow websites down and damage search rankings, but it is still popular. Though it has a bad reputation with regards to search engine optimization, a dose of animation is a good way to make your website more interesting and interactive.

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